The so called ‘briccole’ are one of Venice distinguishing features together with the canals, bridges and gondolas, depicting an evocative image of the city.

For ages these lagoon posts have been an incomparable support for sailors, signposting the ship canals and routes, operating as a real network of roads, besides being oftentimes used for docking.

The ‘Briccole’ are made up of two or more posts, mainly in European oak, tied together and dipped into the lagoon water, lasting years before being replaced.

Throughout the years, each briccola wood records a story to tell, portraying the life beat inside the lagoon, shaken by the blending of freshwater and saltwater streams. Nevertheless, the ‘briccole’ would not be such a treasure without the presence of the naval shipworms: these molluscs actually are found in saltwater and feed on wood. Thanks to the digs of these special molluscs as well as to time and nature itself, each ‘briccola’ indeed turns into a unique and exclusive raw material.   

In the Lagoon



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