Grasping Venice: the isle of Lazzaretto

In the core of Venice Lagoon rises the Isle of Lazzaretto Vecchio, one of the places closed off to visitors, except for special occasions.
A magic place, extremely important to understand the history of Venice.
It was indeed the first leper hospital in history (established by the Republic of Venice in 1432), inhabited by the Hermit Fathers at the beginning, who built a church sanctified to Santa Maria of Nazareth. It is said that the word ‘Lazzaretto’ originates just from the church name overlapped with the name of the patron of infected people, Saint Lazzaro.
From 2004 to 2008 this building underwent structural restorations aiming at a future management and enhancement as a ‘Museum of the City’ comprising the exhibits of both Venice and the Lagoon archaeological recoveries.
Located just opposite Saint Mark basin and really closed to Lido, the isle boasts a two-and-a-half-hectare area and preserves a historical heritage of great interest, proving the essential and cutting-edge health function fulfilled during ages to protect the trades of Serenissima Republic.